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-====== ROSEGARDEN 13.xx, codename "​Imagination"​ RELEASED ====== 
-The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version ​13.xx of Rosegarden, ​an audio and MIDI sequencer ​and musical ​notation ​editor ​for Linux.+**THIS IS THE NOTES ACCUMULATOR FOR THE NEXT RELEASE** 
 +====== ROSEGARDEN 17.12, codename "​Ultimate Pleasure"​ RELEASED ====== 
 +The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version ​17.12 of Rosegarden, ​MIDI sequencer ​that features a rich understanding of music notation ​along with basic support ​for digital audio.
 http://​www.rosegardenmusic.com/​ http://​www.rosegardenmusic.com/​
-With the latest contribution from Tim Munro, Rosegarden is now brought to you by the letter T.  ​Tim, Tom and Ted the talented trio tackle tough troubles tenaciously!+With this release... 
 +Yves fixed a lot of stuff.  Ted fixed a few things. ​ Ted rewrote ​the Audio Mixer window and simplified handling of the volume, pan, etc... control change knobs and faders.
 ===== Bug Fixes ===== ===== Bug Fixes =====
-  ​Don't export certain properties ​in MusicXML that MusicXML can't handle + 
-  * Fix #1387; export text events ​(eglyricsto MIDI +//[r15022 was the last release, 17.04, so start there for release notes.]// 
-  * Fix #703; auto-beaming no longer does an extra unselected bar  + 
-  * Fix minor notation ​layout issue+  ​Fix progress dialog lockups ​in KDE (bug #1546, r15031-r15034) 
 +  * Fix disappearing lyrics in lyrics editor (bug #1547, r15035-r15036) 
 +  * Fix bug #1548: Last syllable of lyrics is not copied between two linked segments.  ​(r15037) 
 +  * Fix bug #1550: Crash with lyric editor and linked segments (r15038) 
 +  * Fix bug #1551: No sound from an audio file when pressing rewind then play ​(r15039
 +  * Fix bug #1549: Matrix Editor: Velocity ruler not updated correctly when changing velocity using the velocity tool (r15041-r15046) 
 +  * Fix alias change not updating label on the audio instrument parameters. ​ (r15058) 
 +  * Fix miscellaneous cosmetic issues related to the ThornStyle upgrade. (r15076-r15081) 
 +  * Fix time mode toolbar buttons on the Event List and other windows. ​ (r15083) 
 +  * Fix incorrect window titles on the preferences and document properties windows. ​ (r15084) 
 +  * Fix garbage property names in Event Edit window. ​ (r15085) 
 +  * Display velocities modified from the velocity ruler in the status bar for the notation ​editor. ​ (r15088) 
 +  * Fix bug #1552: Rosegarden fails to build with cmake-3.9.0. (r15089) 
 +  * Fix crash when launching plugin dialog introduced by r14648. ​ (r15091) 
 +  * Fix external controller audio volume/pan bug (r15107) 
 +  * Fix crash in rulers when pressing mouse buttons (r15116) 
 +  * Export to LilyPond as a repeat sequence several consecutive linked segments is now possible (bug #1470, r15119) 
 +  * Fix duplicate connection in initial autoload (r15122) 
 +  * Fix crash when exporting to LilyPond. (bug #1553, r15135) 
 +//[Stopped at r15135.]//
 ===== New Features ===== ===== New Features =====
-  ​Choose among 0db, -3dB, -6dB panning laws for audio+ 
 +  ​Add "Use track name for new segments"​ preference. ​ (r15090)
 =====Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:​===== =====Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:​=====
-  * Tim Munro+  * Stuart Prescott 
 +  * Lorenzo Sutton
 =====People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library===== =====People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library=====
-  * ...+  * Karl Marksteiner 
 +  * Lucas 
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