Feature Request Guidelines

Feature requests are less critical to our operation than bug reports, and we are therefore commensurately less nitpicky about the whole process. Nevertheless, you increase the odds that someone might implement your brilliant new idea someday if you bear the following guidelines in mind when submitting new Feature Requests.

Check for Similar Feature Requests

Submit a New Request

Once you have made a reasonable effort to ensure that you have discovered a new idea, then please continue with the following guidelines in mind.

Feature Requests to Avoid

Porting to Windows and doing a GTK2 rewrite have both been requested to death, and both are about as likely as waking up in the morning to find out your house transmuted into solid gold while you were sleeping. Requests involving dramatic and fundamental changes to the way Rosegarden behaves are very unlikely to be considered. We use Rosegarden too, and we mostly like it this way, and we mostly built it the way on purpose, so try to be realistic.

Don't Be a Nobody

Please take the time to create a SourceForge account for yourself and use it for submitting and tracking your Feature Requests. The process of working out an implementation of a new idea works best when you make yourself available for followup questions, and when you take an active interest in looking after your report. Having said that, it is less important for you to be held accountable when making feature requests than when you are submitting bug reports.

One Feature Request per Report

You should avoid the temptation to save yourself effort by combining different ideas into one massive report. If there are three related aspects to the same overriding problem, then file each of these aspects separately. Under no circumstances should you ever file a “big Feature Request list” report that reels off a laundry list of separate, unrelated ideas.