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(10 years after project creation at SF. We'll release with whatever we get done in two months, and make a lot of hoopty about 10 years for this codebase. Try to keep'em chucking out at two-month intervals, or the next nearest date that's special in some goofy way, and let's keep the heat up good and hot, and the pace grueling. No more sitting around waiting on a good time to think about doing something. The time to do something is now. Release early, release often. It's not that hard to do, and if some of them really suck, people will figure out which ones to avoid, like Linux kernels.)

(Oh, and we need to get picking the next codename! I would call it “John Harrison” after the inventor of the first viable marine chronometer, in the same spirit as Abraham Darby, but nobody ever named a rose after him, let alone a yellow one. Alas.)

ROSEGARDEN 10.04, codename "Abraham Darby" (to be!) RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 10.04 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux. This release marks ten years to the day since this current incarnation of Rosegarden was born.

Abraham Darby

(vignette goes here; the rose, Iron Bridge and what like)

Usability Enhancements

New Features





Available Languages

The following translations are [expected to be at this rate] complete and up to date for this release:

Thanks To

(random people who did something helpful, such a small patch, providing borrowed code, quality pre-release testing, inspiration, etc.)

Bug Fixes

  • LIRC support should work again

Active translators for this release:

Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:

  • Thorsten Alteholz

People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library

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