ROSEGARDEN 13.06, codename "Imagination" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 13.06 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

The biggest highlight of 13.06 is that Ted Felix has reduced CPU usage by almost 50% when recording MIDI. Rosegarden has been plagued with MIDI recording problems for most of its history, and this improvement is huge. While Ted worked on stabilization, Tom Breton made significant improvements in a variety of areas. (See new features enumerated below.)

This release should be significantly more stable than recent versions, and we encourage all users to give this improved version a try.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix disappearing ties in notation editor
  • Program changes are now sent on channels for tracks that are armed when going into record. (Bug #1356 “Wrong instrument when recording on multiple tracks/​channels”, r13248.)
  • CPU usage reduced by almost 50% when recording MIDI. (Bug #1350 “Can't Record Beethoven”, r13261)
  • The range editing commands no longer mess up markers
  • Fixed an internal leak in the channel allocator
  • Fixed a crash on paste bug, while revealing other related problems that remain to be fixed
  • Fixed latency compensation in subgroups through a mysterious mechanism that seems to work (Bug #1358 “Latency Compensation Bug in Subgroups”, r13264)
  • Fixed a subtle bug involving the drawing of track dividers and vertical scrolling. (r13292)
  • Changing note durations works correctly across barlines. So does adding dots to notes.
  • Menu items have a somewhat more consistent style.
  • Certain crashes related to Paste commands shouldn't happen any more.
  • The tempo dialog now defaults more sensibly to replacing the most recent tempo.
  • Now when you change staffs in the notation editor (with Next Staff Down, etc) Rosegarden chooses the next staff more sensibly.
  • When you open multiple segments in the notation editor, Rosegarden chooses a starting staff more sensibly.
  • Range commands such as edit → Cut Range now don't split segments. Previously only Insert Range kept segments intact.
  • Range commands also try to keep linked segments linked together when possible.

New Features

  • Additional work and improvements on the pitchbend sequence dialog
  • * Controllers are now easier to place and arrange thru the Notation → Adjust → controllers → Insert Controller Sequence… menu. The dialog isn't new but it is clearer than before and gives you more control over what is placed. This was a joint effort of Tom Breton (Tehom) and Tim Munro.
  • “Move to Staff Above” and “Move to Staff Below” now have variants that ask what type of pasting to do; formerly it was always notation-style pasting.
  • It is now easier to create beat tracks, ie tracks that have a note on each beat for use with FitToBeatsCommand and/or groove quantize. See how_to_make_beat_tracks
  • For those users (both of you) who use Segment → Expand Block Chord Segments by Figuration, there is now support for figurations without parameter chords.
  • Also for those who use Segment → Expand Block Chord Segments by Figuration, there is Segment → Update all Figurations, which tracks down all regions previously generated from figurations and updates them.
  • Ornaments can now be inspected and edited inline, as notation. Formerly they were only available in the Event List Editor.
  • If you want to try to use Rosegarden as a true layered editor, ornaments whose trigger consists of tied notes can even be set so that only certain sections play.
  • Range commands and other commands that move segments timewise are faster now.

Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:

  • Tim Munro
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