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-====== ROSEGARDEN 13.06, codename "​Imagination"​ RELEASED ====== 
-The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 13.06 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux. 
-The biggest highlight of 13.06 is that Ted Felix has reduced CPU usage by almost 50% when recording MIDI.  Rosegarden has been plagued with MIDI recording problems for most of its history, and this improvement is huge.  While Ted worked on stabilization,​ Tom Breton made significant improvements in a variety of areas. ​ (See new features enumerated below.) 
-This release should be significantly more stable than recent versions, and we encourage all users to give this improved version a try. 
-===== Bug Fixes ===== 
-  * Fix disappearing ties in notation editor 
-  * Program changes are now sent on channels for tracks that are armed when going into record. ​ (Bug #1356 "Wrong instrument when recording on multiple tracks/​‚Äčchannels",​ r13248.) 
-  * CPU usage reduced by almost 50% when recording MIDI.  (Bug #1350 "​Can'​t Record Beethoven",​ r13261) 
-  * The range editing commands no longer mess up markers ​ 
-  * Fixed an internal leak in the channel allocator 
-  * Fixed a crash on paste bug, while revealing other related problems that remain to be fixed  
-  * Fixed latency compensation in subgroups through a mysterious mechanism that seems to work (Bug #1358 "​Latency Compensation Bug in Subgroups",​ r13264) 
-  * Fixed a subtle bug involving the drawing of track dividers and vertical scrolling. (r13292) 
-  * Changing note durations works correctly across barlines. ​ So does adding dots to notes. 
-  * Menu items have a somewhat more consistent style. 
-  * Certain crashes related to Paste commands shouldn'​t happen any more. 
-  * The tempo dialog now defaults more sensibly to replacing the most recent tempo. 
-  * Now when you change staffs in the notation editor (with Next Staff Down, etc) Rosegarden chooses the next staff more sensibly. 
-  * When you open multiple segments in the notation editor, Rosegarden chooses a starting staff more sensibly. 
-  * Range commands such as edit -> Cut Range now don't split segments. ​ Previously only Insert Range kept segments intact. 
-  * Range commands also try to keep linked segments linked together when possible. 
-===== New Features ===== 
-  * Additional work and improvements on the pitchbend sequence dialog 
-  *   * Controllers are now easier to place and arrange thru the Notation -> Adjust -> controllers -> Insert Controller Sequence... menu.  The dialog isn't new but it is clearer than before and gives you more control over what is placed. ​ This was a joint effort of Tom Breton (Tehom) and Tim Munro. 
-  * "Move to Staff Above" and "Move to Staff Below" now have variants that ask what type of pasting to do; formerly it was always notation-style pasting. 
-  * It is now easier to create beat tracks, ie tracks that have a note on each beat for use with FitToBeatsCommand and/or groove quantize. ​ See [[how_to_make_beat_tracks]] 
-  * For those users (both of you) who use Segment -> Expand Block Chord Segments by Figuration, there is now support for figurations without parameter chords. 
-  * Also for those who use Segment -> Expand Block Chord Segments by Figuration, there is Segment -> Update all Figurations,​ which tracks down all regions previously generated from figurations and updates them. 
-  * Ornaments can now be [[how_to_edit_ornaments|inspected and edited]] inline, as notation. ​ Formerly they were only available in the Event List Editor. 
-  * If you want to try to use Rosegarden as a true layered editor, ornaments whose trigger consists of tied notes can even be set so that only certain sections play. 
-  * Range commands and other commands that move segments timewise are faster now. 
-=====Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:​===== 
-  * Tim Munro 
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