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 http://​www.rosegardenmusic.com/​ http://​www.rosegardenmusic.com/​
-[insert grandiose sounding blah blah here] [Yves, Ted, David Faure, ​Tito Latini] [Qt 5]+Rosegarden rounds out 2015 with a new CMake build system and several bug fixes contributed by David Faure of KDE.  The new build system preserves the best features of the previous systemwhile adding out-of-source builds, and the ability to compile with Qt 4 or Qt 5.  (Qt 5 builds are functional, but do have some problems. ​ We encourage you to give a Qt 5 build a try and report bugs, but package maintainers and production users should stick with Qt 4 for the time being.) 
 +Beyond ironing the kinks out of the new build system, Ted was hard at work sorting out bugs, Yves added a new pop-up notes feature that allows you to include explanatory text inside your compositions,​ and Michael cobbled together a way to fake acciaccatura,​ by allowing you to put a tremolo slash on a grace note in order to have LilyPond produce acciaccatura rather than appoggiatura. ​
 ===== Bug Fixes =====  ===== Bug Fixes ===== 
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