ROSEGARDEN 17.04, codename "Twice in a Blue Moon" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 17.04 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

The most visible change in 17.04 is that David Faure has generously replaced our very brittle and complex style system with a complete rewrite using QStyle (r14968). Ted Felix invested the past ten months grinding through bugs, and cleaning Rosegarden's code to make it more efficient and maintainable. Significant areas cleaned up include: the Track Parameters box (r14707-r14762), TrackButtons (r14765-r14770), progress dialogs (r14793-r14899), and the Audio Mixer window (r14910-r15013). Yves Guillemot and David Faure squashed a few bugs as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix memory leak: delete StartupLogo when closing it (r14737)
  • Add compilation fix for Ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS (r14738)
  • TrackParameterBox: Fix initial track label problem (r14761)
  • Fix #1534: Send channel setup when output is changed (r14743)
  • TrackParameterBox: Make color combo visible for audio tracks (r14762)
  • autoload: Fix audio track colors (r14763)
  • Fix #1532: Crash when trying to edit a triggered segment (r14772)
  • Fix #1536: Crash on dangling Instrument IDs (r14776)
  • Fix “Always use default studio” stickiness (r14781)
  • Fix #1538: No sound when entering notes with keyboard (r14783)
  • Fix time stamp bug in MIDI file export (r14785)
  • Improve progress dialogs throughout the application (r14793-r14899)
  • Repair control rulers in Qt 5 builds
  • Cleanup incorrect name and filter during audio file export
  • Fix compilation with -DQT_STRICT_ITERATORS (r14903)
  • Fix compilation without jack (r14904)
  • Enable -DQT_NO_URL_CAST_FROM_STRING and fix compilation accordingly (r14905)
  • Fix “all piano” issue with empty connections (r14906)
  • Fix MIDI import connection problem (r14907)
  • Fix a bug in the parallels checker, bug #1544 (r14959)
  • Fix #1491 Xruns on exit (r14981)
  • Fix wait cursor (r14985)

New Features

  • Hide unused frames for audio tracks in track parameters (r14729)
  • Improve handling of collapsing frames in track parameters and document properties (r14714)
  • Track 20 recent files, rather than 10 (r14868)
  • Replace stylesheet with custom QStyle (r14968)

People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library

  • Rainer Hans Liffers
  • JP Morris

People who contributed translations

  • Jose Alfredo Murcia Andrés
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