The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 21.06 of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release…

Bug Fixes

  • Event editor now selects the proper event at launch. Bug #1588. [cf7d654d4]
  • Fix restore of channel mode (fixed or auto) on file read. [010246e0a]
  • File Merge dialog layout improvements. Bug #1590. [13f40bbef]
  • Do not send Program Change for drum Instrument without banks. [f27b4f854]
  • Fix “Studio > Reset MIDI Network”. Now this sends channel setups (BS/PC/CCs) to each Device. [04ad97659]
  • Fix overlapping bar numbers in rulers. Bug #1580. [26e60ef8e]
  • Notation: Update cursor when switching layout mode. Bug #1580. [7664b6997]
  • Notation: Fix inconsistencies when switching between layers and staves using the red thumbwheel.
  • Refresh the layout on resize. Bug #1570. [aa13ac83b]
  • Limit the Panner to within the scene rectangle. Bug #1570. [9e8b0b13f]
  • Fix focus issue after Ctrl+N. [7bc2c957a]
  • Notation: Fix “Segment > Add Layer” and “Segment > New Layer From Selection” so that the new Segment's events are selected.
  • Fix multiple issues with undo/redo when editing.
  • Fix inconsistent editor title bars. [28344f0c6]
  • Fix multiple issues when resizing Segments.
  • Export key signatures to MIDI file. Bug #1456. [8805d3f81]
  • Fix crash in CC rulers using the velocity tool. [443a3aacf]
  • Fix linked segments not exporting to Lilypond. Bug #1595.
  • Improve Transport window position persistence. [05f2e7345]
  • Improve handling of multiple time signatures.
  • Fix crash in notation when “View > Size” is changed. Bug #1596. [460d1bc42]
  • Fix modifiers not appearing in Notation until the mouse moves. Bug #1597. [e814dcfbd]
  • Fixed dots being added to tied notes. Bug #1555. [e9b8c293d] [cf1d3dfed]
  • Fixed a crash in the notation lyric editor. Bug #1598. [5f52c7c2]
  • Fix incorrect position of chord names in lilypond. Bug #1524. [04fc5dd6]
  • Fix missing chord names in lilypond. [c35e0fb7]

New Features

  • Clean Recent Files List in the preferences removes files that aren't present on the filesystem from the recent files list. [b616d42c7]
  • Preferences: Add send BS/PC/CCs while looping. [0d2d3a28c]
  • Added Segment label to Notation editor. [9ab1ff136]
  • Matrix editor now preserves zoom factor and rulers for each Segment in the .rg file. Feature #486.
  • Notation editor now preserves rulers for each Segment in the .rg file. Feature #486.

Significant Code Cleanups

  • Cleanup and preparation for Qt6.

Additional Contributors

  • Michael Stockinger ( - German Translation
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