21.06 Testing Notes

21.06 will be released on June 2. Please test the latest version of Rosegarden in git as much as you can. If you've not built Rosegarden before, give it a shot and let us know if you run into trouble. We'll walk you through it.

I've written up a new page on the wiki that should help you through the build process. To help out with 21.06 you can either download a source snapshot, or use git to stay up to date with the latest.

Suggested areas to test:

  • Notation Editor
    • Red Thumbwheel for switching between segments and layers.
    • Segment > Add Layer
    • Segment > New Layer From Selection
    • Undo/Redo while editing.
    • Velocity ruler.
    • Pitchbend ruler.
    • CC rulers.
    • View > Size
    • Ctrl and Shift keys for sharp and flat.
    • Adding dots to notes with Ctrl+.
    • New Segment label line under the editor and above the Panner (navigator) showing the Segment name when editing multiple Segments. Same as in the Matrix editor.
    • Rulers are now saved on a per-Segment basis.
  • Editing and undo/redo.
    • Undo/Redo should work better now in the Segment Canvas, Matrix, and Notation editors.
    • Segment resizing in the Segment Canvas.
  • MIDI Export now includes key signatures.
  • Lilypond export.
    • Linked Segments.
  • Matrix Editor
    • Velocity ruler.
    • Pitchbend ruler.
    • CC rulers.
    • Zoom is now saved on a per-Segment basis.
    • Rulers are now saved on a per-Segment basis.
  • Transport Window position persistence.
  • File > Open Recent
    • Edit > Preferences‚Ķ > General > Clean recent files list. Removes files that are no longer on the filesystem from the Open Recent menu.
  • Edit > Preferences
    • MIDI > General > Send program changes when looping
    • MIDI > General > Send control changes when looping

Most importantly, do what you usually do. That will hit the areas that I missed.


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