The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 21.12 of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release…

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash with certain multi-monitor setups with Qt 5.14+. Bug #1599. [9713720]
  • In the matrix editor, “Collapse equal pitch notes” no longer ties notes. Bug #1575. [07845e1]
  • Fix “Command-line file printing utility” preference combobox. Bug #1531. [ef141a6]
  • Notation: Fix selection of last note in segment using Shift+Right-arrow. Bug #1600. [211f2c4] [5f9e348]
  • Fix note insertion steals grace note. Bug #1520. [d2ff1d4] [1ddd230]
  • Fix undo loses cursor position. Bug #927. [481fdc3] and prior.
  • Fix crash when deleting segments shown in Matrix. [5f71149]
  • Matrix: Fix ruler events all on the left at launch. [a7fd912]
  • Notation: Fix ruler events on the left at launch. [f5a4e6d]
  • Notation: Fix unreliable text style. Bug #1609. [0fc9382]
  • Fix link error with pipewire-jack. [881ea5a]
  • Fix unexpected auto-scroll in notation. Bug #1612. [226c921]
  • Fix crash when restoring rulers in the editors. [f710b6]

New Features

  • Add “Use native file dialogs” preference. [b9da2db] [a1dcc44] [6765fa9]
  • Add Device and Instrument fields to Add Tracks dialog. [9dc1183]-[3900ea7]
  • Add display of note names on notes in Matrix. Feature #489. [de7ff8f] and prior.
  • Add indication of black keys across grid in Matrix. Feature #489. [de7ff8f] and prior.
  • Rewrite and completion of the “File > Merge > Merge file…” command. [bdd1e6a] and prior.
  • Add “Ignore” button to Lock File warning dialog. [0626734]

Additional Contributors

  • Michael Stockinger ( - German Translation
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