The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 23.12 of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release…

Bug Fixes

  • Make punch-in also start recording. [f7b3aa72]
  • Fix broken metronome flash in the transport. [975ffe9d]
  • Fix solo affects archived tracks. [bad41f2f]
  • Fix data loss when recording with loop on. [79889151]
  • Prevent archived tracks from recording. [82a43608]
  • Fix arm status lost on save when archived. [5d85e8bd]
  • Fix armed+archive recording after load. [ab8eba6d]
  • Unarm archived Tracks when enforcing the arm rule: only one Track can be armed per Instrument. [7bcc351c]
  • Skip archived tracks when routing. [21e45666]
  • Fix refresh artifacts on the Matrix piano keyboard. Bug #1656. [5cf37ed5]
  • Fix error when rosegarden creates submaster outs. Bug #1658. [c89ab3b0]
  • Fixed potential race conditions with audio files. [1e8d4064]
  • Fix segment relabel dialog not showing original label. Bug #1660. [3fbc6975]
  • Fixed events with data1 == 121 being dropped. Bug #1663. [df93bd90]
  • Fixed potential race conditions in the sequencer. [6c7a6a0e]
  • Fix removing the first note of a slurred group creates an unreachable rest. Bug #1662. [fb214928]
  • Fix cannot beam a group beginning or ending with a dotted eighth note. Bug #1666. [eb0e6d75]
  • Fix segment parameter box displaying translation of the label. Bug #1667. [89a4f18f]

New Features

  • Improved sub-beat highlighting in the Matrix editor. Feature request #516. [d83b5715]
  • Matrix editor preview note when hovering. Feature request #516. [d83b5715]
  • Add metronome and solo toggles to main menu. [acf3c266]
  • Add MMC RECORD STROBE support. [9953f1f2]
  • Add a preference to include ALSA port numbers when making connections. [06b0c44a]
  • Use regexp for plugin blacklist. [ec230e46] [028930e5]
  • Updated yoshimi.rgd. [b8a99b83]

Additional Contributors

  • Hugo van Galen
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