The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 24.06 of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release…

Bug Fixes

  • Fix MSB/LSB bug. [d501a6f3]
  • Fix instrument selection for Ctrl+T (add track), file import and merge. Bug #1670.
  • Disallow deletion of devices that are in use by tracks. Bug #1670.
  • Use track names for segment names on MusicXML import. Bug #1673. [d477398d]
  • Fix misplaced TimeWidget title in “Native (Light)” theme. Bug #1678. [2b63faba]
  • Fix an .rg parsing error related to softsynths. [a8547260]
  • Fix unobtainable segment presets and other preset issues. Bug #1684. [da32cccc]
  • Fix audio time stretching erasing all audio data in release build. Bug #1680. [79d672b1]
  • Fix submaster port count changing when changing the number of audio input ports. Bug #1685. [1ac61ff6]
  • Fix window focus problem when creating MIDI Devices. Bug #1686. [7baaffde]
  • Fix track instrument reset when editing banks. Bug #1688. [d83d883b] [eab9b9a3]
  • Fix buffer overflow in notation editor. Bug #1689. [dd4549b0]
  • Fix examples pointing to various audio paths causing unwanted directories to be created. Bug #1668. [26b26e6e]
  • Fix slow refresh of note names in matrix. Bug #1626. [de035bfe]
  • Fix notation not selecting current segment notes on launch. Bug #1672. [ae27b0c6]
  • Fix UnusedAudioSelectionDialog column widths. Feature #520. [5d198075]

New Features

  • Experimental LV2 plugin support. Feature request #462. Enable via Edit > Preferences > LV2 Plugin Support.

Additional Contributors

  • Chuck Elliot - fix.
  • Aere Greenway - ZynAddSubFX-2024.rgd updated device file.
  • Olivier Seguin - Roland-SR-JV80-07.rgd device file.
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