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 +[[http://​sourceforge.net/​mailarchive/​message.php?​msg_name=200706112350.09420.glaurent%40telegraph-road.org|Mail archive link]]
 +Keeping GUI elements updated, e.g. notifying the NotationView if a
 +segment has changed, is done through the RefreshStatus class. This
 +class holds a set of '​observer IDs'. Every Segment carries a
 +RefreshStatus,​ and every edit part displaying one has an observer ID.
 +Whenever a change is made in a segment, its RefreshStatus is set to
 +'has changed'​ for all observer IDs. Then each observer, whenever it's
 +refreshed, checks its status ID to see if the segment it displays has
 +changed since last update. This is done in EditViewBase::​paintEvent().
 +It certainly could have been done better, but it works :-).
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