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 +[[http://​sourceforge.net/​mailarchive/​message.php?​msg_name=200707191038.26906.cannam%40all-day-breakfast.com|Mail archive link]]
 +Unlike our XML export code, which is located within the particular class being
 +exported, we only have one single large XML import class (RoseXmlHandler,​ in
 +src/​document/​) which reads a complete document in one go.
 +In cases where we only need to import part of a document -- for example, when
 +importing a .rgd device file, which consists of just the studio element from
 +a .rg file -- we do it by importing the file as if it were a complete
 +document, into a new RosegardenGUIDoc object, and then copying the devices we
 +need from the imported document to the current one as appropriate. The
 +plugin case would be quite similar to that, I expect.
 +You can see an example of this logic in the interaction of BankEditorDialog
 +(src/​gui/​studio) and ImportDeviceDialog (src/​dialogs -- don't ask why these
 +two related dialogs are in different parts of the source tree, it's probably
 +a reorganisational mistake). The former calls doImport on the latter, which
 +calls importFromRG if the source is a .rgd file, and this function
 +(ImportDeviceDialog::​importFromRG) does what I just described -- it loads a
 +complete document from the .rgd file, and then copies the device and bank
 +structures from it into local data members which are subsequently queried
 +using the various get...() methods by BankEditorDialog.
 +Note also that RosegardenGUIDoc::​openDocument doesn'​t care whether the file
 +it's loading is plain or gzipped XML.
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