Ideas/Draft for better midi controler integration



  1. Allow external control for the transport using normal MIDI CCs
  2. Allow the mixer to be controled using CCs
  3. Allow selecting segments in the arranger using 2 CCs (vertical and horizontal) - is that really useful ?
  4. Allow selecting the current track over CCs, maybe dis/enable record state
  5. Allow to record Controler movements, in order to articulate midi tracks: expression, velo, portamento, modulation, etc..



general workflow

  1. make some knobs and slider values (e.g. mixer volume) controlable (how?)
  2. allow rosegarden to receive midi control messages and send them to the right slider-controls (classes ?)
  3. make control messages recordable and “playable”
  4. add an (UI-) interface for setting up common (hardware-) control interfaces.


implementation details

MIDI controler details

A usual midi control message has 3 Bytes : - $B0 (where low-nibble 0-F is the channel nr.) - $00 - $7F (the controler number) - $00 - $7F (the value (MSB)) It's possible to send a LSB controler-value-pair for fine tuning additionally.


OSC support (?)

  1. None yet


devices, that should be supported

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