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-====== Notation Cleanup Branch ====== 
-Start Date: 01/​23/​2011\\ 
-End Date: 03/07/2011 (Projected)\\ 
-Primary Developer: Julie Swango (msjulie_s@yahoo.com)\\ 
-The intent of this branch is to clean up several aspect of the Notation Editor to allow consistent entering and editing of notation. ​ There will be spill over to the Matrix / Percussion Editor as well, but it is not the primary focus of this branch. 
-===== High Level Items (Preliminary) ===== 
-  - Provide more consistent highlighting of notation and rests during cut / paste / copy and transformations (some progress in trunk). 
-  - Automate the split and tie at barline of pasted notation. 
-  - Review Adjust -> Rests and Adjust -> Notes menu and adjust command behaviors to reflect intended behaviors. 
-  - If overlapping segments are displayed in the Notation Editor, have the currently edited segment notation take on the color of the segment. 
-  - Cleanup of LilyPond outputs to better reflect intentions of notation in Notation Editor. 
-  - Review LilyPond track bracketing in RG main view to see if they can be made more functional. 
-==== Bug Fixes Completed ==== 
-  - Rev. 12201 - Using Alt+Pg Up and Alt+Pg now correctly selects all elements of the new current staff even when there was a selection set prior to the request to change staffs in overlapping segments. 
-==== Features Implemented ==== 
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