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 +[[http://​sourceforge.net/​mailarchive/​message.php?​msg_name=200702051750.31132.cannam%40all-day-breakfast.com|Mail archive link]]
 +We have a few shreds of DCOP support for calling basic menu functions (loading
 +a file, playing from a given time etc), but not really for any editing.
 +Some of the menu options we have already might have been easier to build if
 +there had been a script-style interface to make them from. It needn'​t even
 +necessarily have involved a scripting language -- just an interface that
 +works at a slightly higher level than our basic data structures, allowing the
 +author to avoid worrying about tedious problems like what happens to
 +iterators in a container if you erase an element from the container, etc etc.
 +A C/C++ API that offered the basic inspection and editing facilities on
 +Rosegarden event data (_not_ literal MIDI data, the way I had been conceiving
 +of it anyway) in a robust sort of way, so that a program using them could not
 +crash and would be reasonably unlikely to fail to complete for any obscure
 +reason, would be a useful thing in and of itself and could then be wrapped
 +using any sort of scripting language interface.
 +You can see a few bits of header code for something like this in
 +src/​base/​ScriptAPI.h. The header file has been there for two years without
 +ever being properly worked out or having any implementation at all written,
 +basically because I (for once) actually avoided spending a whole chunk of
 +time working on something that I found interesting but suspected nobody else
 +would ever use. If there is evidence that someone else might actually use it
 +after all, it can probably be made into something that works pretty quickly.
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