Subversion Quick Start for Rosegarden


These instructions have been superseded by Building Rosegarden from Source.


There are two ways to get a copy of the Rosegarden source code. First, if you have a sourceforge account, it's best to checkout the code so that you can commit changes in the future. For this:

  $ svn checkout svn+ssh:// rosegarden-svn

Replace “userid” with your sourceforge userid.

If you don't have a sourceforge account you can get a copy of the code “read-only” like this:

  $ svn checkout svn:// rosegarden-svn

Since this copy isn't associated with a sourceforge user, you will not be able to commit changes from this copy.

Once you have a copy, you can use svn update periodically to keep it up to date:

  $ svn update

After making some changes and testing them, you can examine the changes with svn status and diff:

  $ svn status
  $ svn diff

And commit them once you are happy with them:

  $ svn commit
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