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 +Lifted straight out of an old post on the devel list:
 +running multiple Rosegarden builds: msg#00002
 +Subject: running multiple Rosegarden builds
 +List-id: <​rosegarden-devel.lists.sourceforge.net>​
 +I know that the subject of how to install and run different builds of
 +Rosegarden at once comes up occasionally. ​ It's not hard to do; here's
 +what I do.
 +Now that I actually have more than about ten gig of disk space in my
 +development machine, I'm finally keeping more than one Rosegarden
 +source tree active, corresponding to more than one CVS branch. ​ At the
 +moment in fact I have ten build trees, plus the version of Rosegarden
 +that came with the distro (Studio to Go!) still installed and runnable
 +in /usr.
 +What I do is keep the source trees under /​opt/​rosegarden-build as
 +separate directories (1.0, head, glasgow_pitchtracker etc) with each
 +one configured to a separate target directory
 +under /​opt/​rosegarden-install:​
 +  ./configure --prefix=/​opt/​rosegarden-install/​glasgow_pitchtracker
 +  scons configure prefix=/​opt/​rosegarden-install/​head
 +  scons configure debug=0 prefix=/​opt/​rosegarden-install/​head_NODEBUG
 +Then I have a script that you can find in scripts/​cc_run that runs a
 +particular build. ​ I have the HEAD version of this aliased to the shell
 +command "​run"​. ​ It takes an argument for the build name, or guesses it
 +from the name of the current directory (handy if you're in a build
 +directory). ​ The -d argument starts it in gdb.  Pretty simple.
 +  run glasgow_pitchtracker
 +  run -d head
 +  run -d # when in the head build directory
 +  run 1.0 --existingsequencer # extra args passed to the RG process
 +  rosegarden # runs my packaged install in /usr/bin
 +There'​s nothing clever or inventive about this and the script doesn'​t
 +really do anything. ​ As much as anything, this is just a reminder that
 +running multiple builds is very easy so long as you remember always to
 +set the install prefix to something a long way away from the default.
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