Guitar MIDI Controller to Notation

Initial Notation

The initial notation that Rosegarden generates from a guitar MIDI controller looks like a complete mess.

But what we want is hiding in there. It just needs some post-processing. In the Matrix editor we can see that things aren't too bad.

Samples provided courtesy of Mike Knott.

Quantize to 1/4

Rosegarden's Quantize feature can turn these into perfect quarter notes.

  • Press Ctrl+A to select all notes.
  • Press “=” to launch the Quantize dialog.

Set up the Quantize dialog to quantize to quarter notes, remove notes smaller than sixteenths, and remove articulations.

  • Click Ok to quantize.

And now we have something that looks like simple notation.

Future Direction

Noted some issues while going through this…

The event filter dialog fields should be ordered:

Lowest Highest
Pitches: include 0 Through 127
Velocities: include 0 Through 127
Durations: exclude 1/16 Through Longest

The current ordering with “include/exclude” on the front is odd. Sure, it kind of reads like English, but it is unclear.

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