Installing the latest stable version of Rosegarden from svn source


These instructions have been superseded by Building Rosegarden from Source.


These instructions should show how to install stable Rosegarden 1.7 to a freshly installed distribution.

1. Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

Install first subversion.

sudo apt-get install subversion

Download the source of the latest stable version of rosegarden using subversion.

svn checkout

Install the packages needed in building.

sudo apt-get install cmake g++ kdebase-dev fftw3-dev gettext libjack0.100.0-dev \
  dssi-dev ladspa-sdk liblo0-dev liblrdf0-dev

Now we are ready to build. Let us proceed to the build phase.

cd stable_1_7
cmake .

After the build phase has finished, install Rosegarden.

sudo make install

Now Rosegarden has been installed!

Before running Rosegarden, let us install needed packages.

sudo apt-get install libxml-twig-perl flac qjackctl sox

Install LilyPond either with

sudo apt-get install lilypond

or, if you do not want to install TeX (extra ~150 Mb) which is not necessary, download stable (2.10.* or 2.12.*) LilyPond installing binary from Currently, the latest stable version 2.10.33 (Oct 16, 2007), you may install LilyPond with


sudo sh ./

If you need software synthesis, install timidity and freepats.

sudo apt-get install timidity freepats

Now we are ready to run Rosegarden!

Start Rosegarden…


…and click ok in warnings. Change settings a bit and select

Setup->Configure Rosegarden...->Audio->JACK Startup->Start JACK when Rosegarden starts [X]

Setup->Configure Rosegarden...->Save Configuration

Then quit rosegarden, so that JACK is started during startup, and rerun rosegarden


Voilá !

If you would like to have Rosegarden translated into your language, see how to add or update translation.

2. JackLab Audio Distribution 1.0 (JAD)

Confirmed to build.

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