Learning Rosegarden

The Rosegarden Notation Challenge

Copyright © 2008-2009 D. Michael McIntyre

I have encountered a number of things over the years that I felt should be mentioned in some kind of tutorial. The Rosegarden Notation Challenge is a way for me to deal with interesting isolated cases as I encounter them. For example, I have a piano tutorial, but the specific example I chose missed out on dealing with repeats and alternate endings. I have an orchestral score tutorial, but it didn't seem worthwhile to take the time to lead you through every aspect of correcting the notation, and so I missed the opportunity to demonstrate how to handle the opposing phrasing slurs toward the beginning of that piece. I have decided to collect such examples here, and present them case by case.


A Famous Mordent: How Ornaments Work

Let Rosegarden Help You Adapt Parts for Real Instruments

Played Grace Notes Rendered as Chords

Opposing Phrasing Slurs

Copying Tempo and Time Signature Changes