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How to contribute bug fixes and feature enhancements to Rosegarden project


These instructions have been superseded by Building Rosegarden from Source.


There are numerous ways to contribute to Rosegarden. You may

  • Create a patch (described in this page)
  • Create a feature request (Please understand that some good requests everyone likes have still been on the waiting list for several years.)
  • Update documentation (needs a page, but first we actually need to establish a new documentation structure)

Let's proceed on and follow steps on how to prepare a patch for Rosegarden…

1. Check out the current Subversion trunk

$ svn checkout svn+ssh://userid@svn.code.sf.net/p/rosegarden/code/trunk/rosegarden

Replace “userid” with your sourceforge user ID. For more checkout options, see the subversion quick start.

2. Prepare the build environment

Rosegarden has many dependencies.

This is a fresh attempt to write out a complete list. If you install everything listed here and are still unable to build Rosegarden, please get in touch with us or create an account and edit this list yourself to share your findings.

You will need the following programs and libraries available on your system:

Command/Library Min. Version From (.deb-based) From (.rpm-based)
gcc 6.3.0 gcc gcc
g++ 6.3.0 g++ gcc-c++
cmake 3.1 cmake cmake
GNU make 4.1 make make
makedepend (?) 1.0.1 xutils-dev imake
pkg-config (?) 0.22 pkg-config pkgconfig
qt5 5.1.0 qtbase5-dev, qttools5-dev qt5-qtbase-devel?
alsa 1.0 libasound2-dev alsa-lib-devel
jack 0.109 libjack-dev jack-audio-connection-kit-devel
ladspa 1.1 ladspa-sdk ladspa-devel
dssi 0.9 dssi-dev dssi-devel
lo 0.23 liblo0-dev liblo-devel
lirc 0.8 liblircclient-dev lirc-devel
liblrdf liblrdf-dev liblrdf-devel
libfftw3 libfftw3-dev fftw3-devel
lilypond 2.6.0 lilypond
libsamplerate 0.1.4 libsamplerate-dev libsamplerate-devel
libsndfile 1.0.16 libsndfile1-dev libsndfile-devel
perl perl
bash bash
GNU tar tar
GNU gzip gzip
libsm-dev libsm-dev libSM-devel

(Using Debian Lenny as the oldest supportable distro for this)

2. Compile source (be prepared to install missing dependencies in first compile)

$ sh ./bootstrap.sh
$ ./configure [options]

Useful things to specify for [options] include:

  • –prefix=[ desired installation path (typically /usr) ]
  • QTDIR=[ location of Qt library files ]
  • –enable-debug
$ make
$ sudo make install

NOTE: Rosegarden only installs a few files, and these will not overwrite or conflict with any version you may have installed from a distro package of Rosegarden “Classic”

NOTE: On some Fedora installs, you may get an error “Failed to find Qt4 installation. QTDIR must be defined, or –with-qtdir option given” when you run ./configure . This is resolved by running “unset QTDIR” then re-running ./configure 1)

3. Make changes and recompile

Edit files, paying attention to coding style… If you made no changes to anything in data/ then you can simply:

$ make && ./rosegarden

If you did make changes to data, you should

$ make qrc && make && ./rosegarden

If you added any new icons, for example, they won't be picked up and added to the resource bundle until you svn add them to your local copy. Even though you're submitting a patch, you must still do this. Hopefully new files will get picked up and incorporated into the patch, although I don't think there's a precedent for this, and I'm not sure if it would work. If this becomes a problem, get in touch with us, and we'll work something out.

4. Create patch (against svn and source root)

cd to the Rosegarden source root directory, then:

$ svn update
$ svn diff >patch-user-[YEAR][MONTH][DAY]

For example patch-egonzales-20090523 for a patch from Eduardo Gonzáles on the 23rd of May 2009.

5. Publish patch

5.A) as a fix to a bug

Create a new bug report (if there is not an existing one), and include the patch as a resolution to the bug. You will need to be logged in to SourceForge to create a ticket.

5.B) as an implementation of a feature request

Create a new feature request (if there is not an existing one), and include the patch as a fulfillment of the request. You will need to be logged in to SourceForge to create a ticket.

5.C) as a patch

Create a new patch ticket and include the patch. You will need to be logged in to SourceForge to create a ticket.

5.D) as a follower of the Rosegarden development discussion list: rosegarden-devel AT lists DOT sourceforge DOT net

Describe your problem in a mail to the list and add the patch as an attachment. If your patch is large, your post might be rejected by the list software, but the project administrators will attend to this if it should happen.

6. Discuss

Your patch will be reviewed by one or more Rosegarden developers. Be prepared to improve the patch and resubmit it. We do like getting patches, and are often happy to fix problems with them, so don't be reticent about sending them in even if they're incomplete or imperfect. If you get stuck, send us what you've got!

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