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(The version of Rosegarden used for each tutorial is shown in brackets)

Improving Your Linux System For Creating Music (13.02)

Aere Greenway developed a tutorial to explain strategies for getting sound working in Rosegarden in a modern environment (as of 2013).

Alternate Endings using Linked Segments (11.11)

This tutorial demonstrates how to make use of linked segments to produce a composition that plays from end to end, but "folds up" into a series of repeats with alternate endings when printing/exporting with LilyPond.

Anacrusis (11.11)

This tutorial explains how to handle the phenomenon of anacrusis when encountered in music notation.

Lead Sheets with LilyPond (1.7.2)

This tutorial explains how to use Rosegarden 1.7.2 and up to create lead sheets using Rosegarden in conjunction with LilyPond.

Piano Notation by Example (1.7.0)

This tutorial leads you step by step through the process of importing a piano and vocal performance MIDI file, and correcting the resulting notation as much as possible. The piano part has multiple voices in both hands, and there are several verses of lyrics, so this tutorial addresses multiple topics that should be of interest to nearly every notation user.

A Romantic Overture (1.7.0)

This tutorial begins with a performance MIDI file of Beethoven's Fidelio Overture, and leads you through the process of importing it, adapting the notation to real instruments, and creating both a conductor score and individual player parts.

The Rosegarden Notation Challenge (1.7.0 - 10.02)

I have encountered a number of things over the years that I felt should be mentioned in some kind of tutorial, but which didn't justify standing on their own. The Rosegarden Notation Challenge is a way for me to deal with interesting isolated cases as I encounter them.

Working with ZynAddSubFX (1.7.0)

ZynAddSubFX is a very powerful realtime polyphonic software synthesizer. This tutorial offers a brief introduction to ZynAddSubFX, and suggests some effective methods for using the synth with Rosegarden.

Working with Hydrogen (1.7.0)

Hydrogen is a very powerful drum sequencer and synthesizer. This tutorial suggests some effective methods for using the synth with Rosegarden.

Users Helping Users

Gunhild Andersen started this entry point on the Rosegarden Wiki for users to share their tips, tricks, and experiences with each other. Feel free to join in!