A place to gather miscellaneous development notes.

  • See also: Doxygen code documentation (NOTE: This is broken. Not sure that we generate doxygen docs anymore. To generate doxygen docs, run doxygen in the rosegarden dir. The docs will appear in /tmp/html/index.html per the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY value in Doxyfile.)

Explanatory Snippets

These are short explanations that have come up on the Rosegarden developers' mailing list at one time or another, sometimes with a bit more detail added in the wiki.

See also the rosegarden-devel archives.





Documents in Subversion

There are several plain-text documents found in the Rosegarden source code repository (browse).

These ones are either vaguely interesting, or at least not hopelessly out of date:

NOTE I didn't realize this page simply linked to SVN. These documents are no longer available. We should just move them into the wiki and update them as we go, but I am not going to finish that anytime soon. The documents that have not yet been rescued can be found in




  • Recording from multiple MIDI ports (but not onto multiple tracks simultaneously - this document predates that work) (was branches/obsolete/docs/code/multiport_recording.txt)

Obsolete Pages



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