5 June 2024
Rosegarden 24.06 released
6 December 2023
Rosegarden 23.12 released
7 June 2023
Rosegarden 23.06 released
21 December 2022
Rosegarden 22.12.1 released
7 December 2022
Rosegarden 22.12 released

How to get Rosegarden

The Rosegarden development team makes Rosegarden available in source code form, to be compiled after download.

Download the Rosegarden source distribution.

We don't make ready-to-run binaries; you should get those as packages tailored for a particular Linux distribution.

Rosegarden is a complex program that requires numerous libraries and services that vary from one Linux distribution to another. It is also advisable to run Rosegarden on a Linux system that is well tuned for interactive and audio applications. For these reasons, it is not practical at this time for the Rosegarden team to provide installable packages for the many Linux distributions available. Here's where you should look instead:

Distribution packages

Installable binary packages for many major Linux distributions are available via the distributions' standard package repositories. Please consult your distribution's documentation for more details on how to obtain and install packages from these repositories.

Note: Rosegarden can benefit from running on a system that is well tuned for audio and low-latency use (although this is less important than it used to be). Some distributions have at least one specialised low-latency kernel package available via some sort of additional multimedia distribution or repository; consider using one of these. For example, Ubuntu -> Ubuntu Studio; Fedora -> PlanetCCRMA. See this page for more options. In most cases the choice of a multimedia distribution will make no difference to which version of Rosegarden you can use: it will affect the type of Linux kernel and other audio services available, and consequently how well Rosegarden will run.

    Distro release   Rosegarden version   Available via 
 Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)   Rosegarden v22.12.1   Community-supported Packages
 Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)   Rosegarden v21.12   Community-supported Packages
 Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS (Focal Fossa)   Rosegarden v19.12   Community-supported Packages
 Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur)   Rosegarden v22.12.1   Community-supported Packages
 Debian Trixie   Rosegarden v24.06 
 Debian Sid   Rosegarden v24.06 
 Debian Bullseye   Rosegarden v20.12 
 Debian Buster   Rosegarden v18.12 
 Debian Stretch   Rosegarden v16.06 
 Debian Jessie   Rosegarden v14.02 
 openSUSE Tumbleweed   Rosegarden v24.06   multimedia/apps
 openSUSE Factory_PowerPC   Rosegarden v22.12.1   multimedia/apps
 openSUSE Factory_ARM   Rosegarden v24.06   multimedia/apps
 openSUSE Backports_SLE-15-SP5   Rosegarden v24.06   multimedia/apps
Arch Linux