9th July, 2021
Rosegarden 21.06.1 released
2nd June, 2021
Rosegarden 21.06 released
9th December, 2020
Rosegarden 20.12 “Altissimo” released
3rd Jun, 2020
Rosegarden 20.06 “Zepherine Drouhin” released
11th Dec, 2019
Rosegarden 19.12 “Yesterday” released

Rosegarden source downloads

Current stable release

The current stable release is 21.06.1.

Development code from git

The latest, up-to-the-minute source code in use by Rosegarden developers is always available using the git source-code control system on SourceForge. To get a copy of the source code and build it, follow the instructions on the Building Rosegarden from Source page.

You can also browse the source code here.

Interested developers should also browse the Rosegarden wiki.

Older Releases

Older releases can be downloaded from SourceForge in the files directory.