6 December 2023
Rosegarden 23.12 released
7 June 2023
Rosegarden 23.06 released
21 December 2022
Rosegarden 22.12.1 released
7 December 2022
Rosegarden 22.12 released
8 June 2022
Rosegarden 22.06 released


Rosegarden has had many developers, contributors, and general helpers and friends over the years; a list appears further down the page.

The primary curator is currently Ted Felix. This unofficial role has been unofficially held by:

A fair amount of the design of the current Rosegarden (and a fair number of its misfeatures!) can still be traced to the last three listed above, who seeded the project with an interest in audio and studio recording, music notation, and MIDI and jazz guitar respectively. D. Michael McIntyre initially worked on documentation before adopting almost every possible role for a long period, while Ted Felix started contributing wide-ranging bug fixes and performance work from 2010 onwards. Other very significant work in the first decade of the project came from Hans Kieserman, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas, Heikki Junes, Julie Swango, Emanuel Rumpf, and Yves Guillemot.


There have been a handful of interviews with Rosegarden developers published over the years:

Friends and Contributors

An ever-growing list of people are helping and have helped with coding, documenting, translating and testing Rosegarden.