8th June, 2022
Rosegarden 22.06 released
8th December, 2021
Rosegarden 21.12 released
9th July, 2021
Rosegarden 21.06.1 released
2nd June, 2021
Rosegarden 21.06 released
9th December, 2020
Rosegarden 20.12 “Altissimo” released

Mailing lists

Much discussion about using, developing and generally living with Rosegarden goes on in our two mailing lists.

User list

The rosegarden-user list is for any discussion about installing or using Rosegarden, about integrating Rosegarden with other audio software, or about music made with Rosegarden.

Be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions before posting to rosegarden-user about problems with installation or use.

Developer list

The rosegarden-devel list is for developers interested in finding out more about the project and helping out with it, and for any users who simply want to be involved in the development process. There's usually some lively discussion going on.

  • rosegarden-devel archives at It's also possible to read and post to rosegarden-devel using the GMANE mail-to-NNTP service; the group name is